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Like its twins, Ogo had received the Word as of before appearing in the World. Ogo wanted however to use of the Word to equalize its Creator. It left its Placenta the eyes closed, before its time, tearing off with the Placenta a square piece. Thus making, it believed to take along its binocular with him Ogo is descended in Seven Times in Empty Space. The piece of Placenta always connected to Ogo turned on itself. AMMA directed the Arch of Ogo which the piece of Placenta in direction of the east constituted, bus AMMA wished to cure the disorder caused by Ogo AMMA transformed the piece of Placenta into Ground the Arch was stabilized then, and AMMA made it dry to enable him to place itself. Thus, the piece of Placenta stolen by Ogo made the Second World, the piece of Placenta became Champ, became the Earth The search for Ogo on the Earth to find its binocular had remained a long time unfruitful. Ogo, considering the Earth unusable, gives up the Earth and goes up AMMA, seeing that, gives the order to Nommo Titiyayne to transform the remainder of the Placenta of Ogo into Extreme Fire, also Ogo could it seize only one small end of it while being burned. AMMA having hidden its Placenta, Ogo did not see it. Ogo stole Cereals of AMMA to replace its Placenta, and Ogo is descended while making a hole in Egg. For that, it used the small piece of Placenta stolen like Second Arch, and y hid seeds. The seed of Pô male, base of the World, directed Ogo in its descent However Pô is the Origin of the Beings and the Goods, as the Placenta is the Original Envelope of the Man, who begins his Life as small as seed. This is why, Ogo while stealing one and the other, thought of having the source of all things But AMMA preserved all the Placentas, all the possibilities of reproduction of the things to himself. AMMA then made turn the Placenta of Ogo and transformed it into Sun. In the same way, AMMA transformed the hole in Egg into the Moon not to lose the testimony of the flight thus the Sun and the Moon are the Witnesses of the Placenta of Ogo. AMMA having ordered in Nommo Titiyayne to purify the Earth after having noted the disorder caused by Ogo, AMMA made proceed to the eviration of Nommo Sému The blood of the eviration ran, impregnating the Placenta and giving him a new Life The star Sigi-Tolo, Sirius, was born it is the Witness of the Placenta and the umbilical cord of sacrificed, because Sigi-Tolo is the Navel of the World At the time of these things, Ogo wishing to adapt itself what it missed, went up with the Sky. Ogo, approaching the victim, seized its Four Hearts of Sex which were placed under its foreskin. Then, Ogo flees while following the Line of the Flow of the Blood of Eviration. But Nommo Titiyayne having caught the end of the sex of Ogo, sliced with its mouth the end of the sex of Ogo.

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Good Morning Everyone! May i just say, Thank you Kris for pointing out quality 8767 s men tend to look for when searching for a wife? Those are rarely taught to the young women anymore. As to all of the people clamoring about EQUALITY May I point out a few things? First, God appoints the men to 8775 be the leaders 8776 of the home because in the end, the buck has to stop somewhere for our choices. Women who are yelling about equality, dose that mean you want to be equally responsible for what happens in you home as your husband is when you have to give an accounting to God? Yes, you will be held accountable for what you do, but your husband will be held accountable for the WHOLE families actions whether good or bad. Secondly, If people started waiting on the Lord to bring them their mate, there would be a lot less heart ache and divorce in the world. Thirdly, When you do finally wait on the Lord and He brings you 8775 the one 8776 , it is such a perfect fit you can 8767 t help but trust your man. God will literally put you in situations where you MUST trust your guy. When you REALLY trust the man the Lord chose for you, you DON 8767 T CARE if he is the leader or not! Why not you ask? Because, at that point he is taking such good care of you and is so trust worthy, you don 8767 t feel the need to protect your 8775 rights 8776 because he already doing that with and for you! (a side note, there will be days when your man will fail, HE IS HUMAN, but this is where you have the choice to trust the Lord to know what He is doing, or call God a liar.) Let me tell you sweethearts, I did EVERYTHING the wrong way for my first marriage, and because it was all about me and what I wanted when I wanted it, the Lord painfully and mercifully let it fall apart. And when I finally trusted the God of the universe to do His job and bring me the man He wanted for me, in His timing well let 8767 s just say I am stunned and grateful everyday for how amazingly and perfectly He put us together. Human logically speaking that still shouldn 8767 t be happening, seeing that i had so much baggage, and 8 *censored*s, I couldn 8767 t see straight. Plus I was determined NEVER to get married again much less have *censored*s. But God brought me out of the ashes of my life, cleaned me up, made me new and gave me the quality 8767 s to be a healthy young woman and marriage material. And during that growth in my life, God was making my husband stronger and much more patient so he could deal with my feisty self. I KNOW where God guides, He provides. And life is so much sweeter and more peaceful because I am trusting Him to show us grace in our human frailties. Who am I to show my husband, my brother in Christ, any less grace the God showed me?

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Noting the growing disorder caused by Ogo, AMMA proceeded to the sacrifice of that which had been just éviré. For that, AMMA extended the two arms of Nommo on a Fork, and it killed it after having attached it with an iron cord That which dies being lying does not see much Suffering for that, Nommo died upright, the Suffering is larger. This is why Nommo , in order to organize the World died upright, because if you want to organize the World, you are obliged to see the Great Suffering AMMA sent the four parts of Nommo to the four Cardinal Points, it organized the World. Nommo made pass its body in the World AMMA took the pieces and A joined together, it has ressuscity Nommo. AMMA used for that the Earth of the Placenta the Earth of the Placenta was alive and pure, with it, AMMA worked male alive Nommo and its binocular, with human form. By kneading the ground, AMMA said: 8775 AMMA arranged what it had reversed. AMMA, after having destroyed, gave today what it itself had destroyed 8776 When AMMA ressuscita Nommo , it gave him seeds of in top After AMMA had Petri with the sky Nommo , it also kneads with the matter of the Placenta the Ancestors of the Men. AMMA created all the things, then it created the Man. Four Men, then their binoculars were kneaded by AMMA in the body of Pô Amma Sérou was made air of the placenta Lébé Sérou was made ground of the placenta Binou Sérou was made water of the placenta Dyongou Sérou was made fire of the placenta The Egg in ball of AMMA was made of four Clavicles, and the four Clavicles were like four Eggs AMMA was in the center, upright, turning on itself, the right arm with horizontal, all the lengthened fingers it turned of the right-hand side towards the left It turned fourteen times, it turned an infinity of time, and with each turn, AMMA created a Sky and a Ground stuck one to the other The base of AMMA was like a Matrix of Woman, all the things left the interior of the Placenta of AMMA Being held Pô, it extended the World. All the things went to the four Cardinal Angles. Being held Pô poured all that it contained in the Large Arch of Nommo , which was made remainder of the Placenta of Sacrificed What remained alone was Pô-Tolo, the star of Pô. Pô-Tolo is smallest of all the things she is the heaviest star. This why Pô-Tolo was heavy is that there was in her the remainder of the blood of the World turned by Pô. AMMA created Pô-Tolo the first of all stars. In the substance of Pô-Tolo, the witnesses of all the things of the whole World exist a *censored*. It is the attic of all the things of the World, Pô-Tolo is the axis of the whole World. If one looks at Pô-Tolo, it is as if the World turned and if the World is looked at, it is as if Pô-Tolo turned actually it is thanks to it that the World turns

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